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15 June 2009 Shounen Club July Filming Report
Selasa, 16 Juni 2009 || 8:51:00 PM


setelah dikirim kabar dari bu yassie....
finally i got it...

males translet jadi gue copas,, aje ye...

I'm back from going to see the Shounen Club tapings for July's episodes. Honestly with the huge lack of Juniors, most were at the KAT-TUN concert tonight, and the amount of stage time Hey! Say! JUMP had I think it's better to think of next month's episodes as the Hey! Say! JUMP Club instead.

I was able to get a seat on the second floor, but a ways back. Though thankfully the hall isn't too big so I could see everyone, though the binoculars I used were rather helpful at some parts. Of course things seemed to zip by and I know I'm not great at catching song names unless they're written down somewhere I can see, so I'm probably missing some thngs here and there. But I will try my best to report everything I can remember.

The taping was definitely not set up to be one episode after the other, as the game segments were all done in the second half. Also all the older performers had the focus of the second segment, with the younger boys doing all their performing in the first half.

I believe it's just Hey! Say! JUMP showing up on stage at the beginning and then Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow following after. Hey! Say! JUMP are all wearing various costumes, none really matching each other. Yuma has a nice white and red costume while B.I. Shadow have similiar costumes but their's is mainly yellow, which doesn't look good IMHO. Then Koyama comes on stage. IIRC, Koyama explains where the usual Juniors are and mentions that Yabu and Hikaru will be helping him host. Though Hikaru seemed to have problems saying his lines all trough the recording.

The first talk segment was with Okamoto, Ryutarou and Yuto. Okamoto got to be the lead for the talk segment. I was so amazed with how completely comfortable Okamoto was talking and cracking jokes. The boy really has come a long way since his debut.

There was a HSJ medley, which began with a Yamada solo, with the rest of Hey! Say! 7 being his back up dancers, followed by a Chinen solo. Then Takaki does his solo, Kumo no Ito, then it's Yuto with his own solo. I believe it then moves on to NYC boys singing NYC, which sounds better when it's more than just the chorus. Though I had to laugh when in the lyrics they do call themselves 'New York City boys'.

Then it's another talk segment with Nakayama Yuma, with Yabu and Hikaru there to read a letter. Hikaru messes up the introduction to the segment and he gets teased a bit for it. After the talk YuBIS perform Akuma na Koi, without Shintarou which makes it sounds a bit strange without anyone singing his parts.

For the HSJ single hit medley the only time the full group was on stage was for the beginning and end segments when they sang Ultra Music Power. Dreams Come True was sung by the bleach brown trio, Yabu, Hikaru and Takaki. Your Seed was Yuto, Inoo and Ryutarou, and Mayonaka no Shadow Boy was Chinen, Yamada and Daiki. Okamoto got to play the guitar for the end part with UMP. I believe it was with this song they had a costume change into orange costumes, with Hey! Say! 7 with red scarves and Hey! Say! BEST with blue.

I think there was another MC segemnt here. There were a few of them so they're kinda getting meshed together in my mind. But this one was Yamada, I think Chinen, and Yabu and Hikaru. Yamada got to read the postcard this time. Then he got to show off his recent impressions, I think. Though I'm not sure what/who they were impressions of. The first looked like he was sitting on a chair in mid-air then the second he struck a pose and Koyama then stepped out in front of him to block people's view.

And I think it was after this that B.I.Shadow came out and sang their song. Don't remember a name but it had a lot of 'lala's and 'lucky's in it.

HSJ also get to sing a song that I don't believe I've heard before. I rather like it, and just about everyone has a solo line. I think this was the song they made another costume change into costumes that looked like track suits, with an orange top and black bottoms. Each member having their own different t-shirt on.

The first final song is Bouken Rider sung by HSJ, who are joined by YuBIS during the middle. Yuugo was flanked by Daiki, and I believe it was Inoo or Hikaru, can't remember clearly. But they both decided to show Yuugo how to act during these songs by taking his arm and slinging it around Daiki as the other slun his arm around Yuugo. Yuugo looked like he had no idea what to do but to go along.

After the long break Koyama came back on and introduced Tegomass. The yukata the duo were wearing looked like Massu picked them out. His was part black with a red/pink sash, part white with white and black stars and Tegoshi's was red with white stars with a white and blue zebra striped sash. Both had big sparkly stars on the top half.

They gave Koyama a couple of group hugs when they came on stage. Then Koyama revealed a photo of all three of them plus Kato Shigeaki. It looked like a pretty terrible photo as Shige had a bizarre look on his face, almost like he was in pain, and Massu was all but hidden in it.

After the talk Tegomass performed their upcoming single song, Tanabata Matsuri. It was a nice simple performance, with no Juniors on stage at all.

Yuto appeared by himself in the seating area and read a letter requesting that Hey! Say! BEST get an abake segment, ala NEWS. He also holds up a stack of postcards that request the same thing so the next segment is Hey! Say! BEST wo Abake. Like with the NEWS wo Abake the boys all put on blind folds and have their voices modified when they talk. This was really fun to watch, though I really wish I knew Japanese better to get more of what was said, but I did pick up a few things here and there. But the boys all easily got riled up as the others talked about them, so it was funny to see them try to defend themselves.

Right after putting the blind folds on Yabu uses his hands to search out his neighbors and ends up putting his hands all over Takaki at one point. The first question is about who is the biggest scaredy cat of the group. Everyone puts their hands up to respond and Koyama picks Yabu to go first but Takaki gets confused and thinks he was the one picked instead so there's a small exchange to clear that up. Takaki, Yabu, Daiki and Inoo all get picked as the biggest scaredy cat. Hikaru is the one that nominates Yabu and tells a story of how on an amusement ride Yabu was so scared he was hugging him. He is also the one to say Daiki is a scaredy cat but I couldn't follow the story about him.

I believe the next topic was to just say anything you want to say to someone else in the group. Takaki began this one by scolding Inoo for his habit of lying. I can't remember who went next after that, but after a bit Koyama began making motions of 'come here' to someone off stage. Then Tegomass came on stage. They of course didn't have blindfolds but their microphones had the distorted voices so Koyama had them have turns, and they picked on Yabu and Hikaru. None of HSB could tell it was Tegomass talking so Yabu and Hikaru kept trying to figure out who were saying things about them. Also Tegoshi took to pinching Yabu's side, which looked like it really confused Yabu, as he probably thought it was Koyama doing it.

Koyama eventually told HSB to take off their blind folds and they were all surprised to see Tegomass there. Yabu and Hikaru got to then say their peace about their senpai, with Yabu jokingly complaining about what a bad senpai Tegoshi is. HSB then leave the stage and Tegoshi begins to pinch Koyama's side at random before being made to leave the stage.

After they were done, Hey! Say! BEST came on stage and performed a song, which I'm assuming is new as I haven't heard it anywhere before. From what I could catch from the lyrics I'm guessing the title is My Angel.

Even though there are almost no Juniors there is a Junior Colliseum segment. There is a HSJ team of, Chinen, Yamada and Takaki. When things are getting set up the three do a group hug. And then to represent the Juniors there is Nakajima Kento, Yuma and Akun, who is appearing for the first time for the filming. In fact Koyama even asks what Akun is doing there and Akun replies it's because he is a Junior.

The game is the one where the boys have a box they stick their hands in and have to guess the thing that is in the box. It is the most amusing thing to watch these boys freak out at the slightest touch of anything when they have their hand in their.

The first match up is Chinen versus Nakaken. Nakaken made the best freak out faces I have seen for this. But it was Chinen that ended up winning, though I couldn't tell what the thing was, it kinda looked like some sort of cucumber.

Second match is Yamada versus Yuma. Both at different points had to have help from someone to actually find the thing to touch, as it was a stag beetle. Yuma screamed like a girl so many times even though he rarely touched anything. Yamada was not much better though with freaking out and screaming at the slightest touch of anything. Yamada had to be asked to stop blindly patting in the box by Koyama, as I'm sure he was afraid Yamada would crush the bug. Yuma took forever to actually touch it, and when he did it was with help. But after that he was able to guess the answer correctly after Yamada guessed incorrectly twice.

The last was Takaki versus Akun. Both looked terrified at the idea of what on earth they would get. What they get is a fake head of a Japanese ghost, which means it has a white triangular piece of cloth on it's head. Both the boys are no better than their younger teammates at first. After a few touches they don't seem to mind too much. In fact Akun gets the cloth off the head and guesses "panties," near the end. They take a long time and the countdown for time's up begins. Before it reaches the end Takaki finally guesses the correct answer. So HSJ team wins the game.

I believe it's after this that Yara Tomoyuki shows up for a talk. Yabu gets to read a postcard and adds in sound effects to the reading. Then Yara performs a song with the members of They Budou.

Then there's one final talk segment as the stage is set up with aucostic guitars and a drum set. It's Daiki, Inoo, Yabu and Hikaru talking with Koyama. They bring up the new song Hikaru and Yabu wrote together. Then Yabu and Hikaru leave to take their places on stage with four out five members of Question?, as Ishigaki is at the KAT-TUN concert with the rest of FiVe. They all sing Star Time together.

Koyama afterwards comes on stage and announces that they're at the end. Hikaru ends up patting his head telling him to do a good job. The final end song is Nami, IIRC. Koyama sings it solo at first but by the end everyone who performed, minus Ryutarou, BIS and Tegomass sing it with him.

The recording ends then after the boys take their time waving to the audience.

I'm really happy I decided to go. Even though it was disappointing that I couldn't see so many of my favorite Juniors it was a lot of fun to watch as a Hey! Say! JUMP fan. Especially since Hey! Say! BEST got a lot of stage time for a change. But I think they just had Japanese child labor laws working on their side for this. In any case, I can't wait to see the episodes to see what they kept and hopefully someone will sub the episodes, or at least the abake segment.

gitulah kira ^^
ga sabarrr nunggu july ^^

tx lot...
buat bu yassie ,, maksih inponye...
buat never ending music power

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Watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) Full Movie
|| 8:30:00 PM

Harry Potter and the half blood prince

Harry Potter’s sixth year at Hogwarts turns out to be quite the exciting year. First off is the arrival of a new teacher at Hogwarts, Horace Slughorn, who is a bit more useful to Harry than he realizes. Next, Harry obtains a Potions book which used to be belong to the very mysterious Half-Blood Prince. Harry finds that the Half-Blood Prince’s ancient scribbles are written along the margins of almost every page, giving Harry advice on how to improve greatly on his Potions work, and also teaching him a few helpful (and dangerous) spells along the way.

Amidst this, Harry is starting private lessons with Professor Dumbledore, during which Harry learns the dark secrets of Voldemort’s past, hoping that they could use these secrets to find a way to defeat him.

Harry’s year gets even more stressful with the suspicious actions of Draco Malfoy, who has been sneaking around the school doing, so Harry assumes, Voldemort’s bidding. Harry quickly becomes determined, and slightly obsessed, to find out exactly what Malfoy has been up to and putting and end to it.

Yet, during this time, Harry and his friends go through daily life, busy with school work, Quidditch, (in which Harry has been made captain of the team) and of course, romance. Ron has found a new girlfriend, Lavender Brown, a perky (if not obnoxious) Gryffindor student, and Hermione is not happy about it. Ron and Hermione’s friendship takes a toll throughout the school year and Harry, as usual, is stuck in the middle. Harry, meanwhile, is facing a romantic dilemma of his own: he realizes he is falling for his best friend’s sister, Ginny Weasley, who is unfortunately dating Harry’s classmate, Dean Thomas. Harry’s pining for Ginny and Ron’s hilarious relationship with Lavender give this story a large dose of reality.

Throughout all the school drama, however, the obvious darkness of Voldemort’s impending rise to power is always apparent. The incredible action-packed climax is sure to leave the audience stunned and, inevitably, prove that you shouldn’t trust everybody who you think is good and also prove that not everyone can manage to survive.


> > gue juga blom nonton sih,,, butuh internet kenceng buat nonton...
tapi buat yang minat silahkan coba nonton ^^

di film kali ini ga bakalan ada adegan pemakaman dumbledore, gue ga ngerti knapa...
padahal kan itu klimaks nya....


[pv] YUI SEA ^^
Senin, 15 Juni 2009 || 9:25:00 PM


kluar lagi pv buat lagu YUI...
kali ini buat lagu SEA,,

sebenarnya udah lumayan lama sih...
cuman gue males nge post hahahahhaha ^^

pv~nya terkesan biasa banget,,
tapi soul lagu nya kenaa..
*halah bahasa gue*

gambarnya juga agak burem...
karna ini emang bukan official pv sih...
cuman sengaja di buat sama staff sony^^

yah gitu deh....
gue suka lagunya....

masih nyari lyric~nya ^^
enjoy it ^^ yahhh...

tx to :


Yang baru minggu ini ^^
|| 10:19:00 AM

yang baru-baru minggu ini

1. siggy di Ljump...
akhirnya ganti siggy juga,, tx for cha2 @ LJUMP
yang udah bikin siggy special ultah inoo
akhirnya rencana ini terlaksana...
*peyok cha2*

2. banner blog
ini juga temanya birthday inoo...
dibikinin sama dniconkyzt@ LJUMP
tx yahhh,, udah menerima request saya...

buat dua orang ini....
arigatou gozaimassuu....


Wink Up 07.2009 Inoo's Part ONLY
Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009 || 10:04:00 AM

Inoo Kei

Q. How long does it take you to wake up and get out of the house?
A. My ideal will be 10 minutes, but it actually takes 20~30mins. The moment I wake up, I think of what I should do first, but I usually end up don’t know what to do. (laugh)

Q. How many points do you think is your MC skills?
A. It depends on the day. When I am in good condition, it’s about 75 points, when in bad condition, zero. In order to get an average of 60 points, I want to try my best.

Q. How many people can you call as your best friend?
Even though I have many friends, but if you say “best friend” there might be only one. We became close in fifth grade.

Q. How many bowls of rice can you eat, if you were to give your all?
I guess around 4 bowls. If there was curry, it seemed like I could eat many bowls. I love curry. The kind that I especially like is the family-styled curry with potato and meat. [don't know what "gorogoro haitteru" means...]

Q. How many times did you cry this year?
A. Probably didn’t cry. Even if I did cry, it’s only about one time. After watching a touching movie, I have a feeling that I cried. I was a crybaby when I was small, I cried a lot. But recently, there are no situations like “my parents get mad at me and I cry.” (laugh)

Q. How many girls have you liked so far?
A. 246 girls. (laugh) If I say it honestly, maybe there isn’t one whom I’d really think “I like her!” yet. There are times when I think like “She’s cute” or “She’s nice,” but those are different from liking right?

Q. How many lessons have you taken so far?
A. 4. Calligraphy, swimming, piano, cram school. Among these, the one that I continued for the longest was piano. I entered elementary school and started learning it, and I continued until I graduated. Even though I continued with calligraphy for a pretty long time, I was surprised at not improving on it. (laugh) For swimming, I can swim normally, but I can only swim about as fast as normal people do.

Q. How much kg do you need to gain before seriously dieting?
A. Somehow/For some reason or another 10kg.

Q. How much have you spent the most at a convenience store?
A. Probably about 3000 yen. One day, I suddenly feel like eating snacks. Other than snacks, I also bought udon and drinks, and I remember it adds up to about 3000.

Q. How old is your ideal marriageable age?
A. 30 year old.

Q. What day was your audition day?
A. I don’t remember, but it’s probably the same day as Yabu. Go ask Yabu. (laugh)

Q. How many cell phones have you had so far?
A. 6! I bought it impulsively, actually I don’t like it that much.

Q. How many times have you had a serious fight before?
A. Probably 5~6 times. Almost all of those are in elementary school.

Q. What’s something that you think will be fun for all 10 to do?
A. Snowboard! But it’s only because I want to do it…there’s also this kind of gossip flowing around. (laugh)


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|| 9:53:00 AM


ketemu lagi sama internet setelah 3 hari terkapar diatas kasur~
nyokap sibuk teriak^^ biar gue mau ke dokter...
tapi gue maless...

dokter bawell~

hari jum'at,,
dengan badan demam...
masih ngotot mau les,,
pulangnya malah mampir ke bank beli formulir telkom....
hehehehehee ^^

alhasil malemnya gue tepar, ^^
sabtu pagi...
masih les, hahhahahaha ^^
gue emang udah gila....
ini semua gara ^^ nilai TO gue yang turun minggu lalu....

les tinggal 2 minggu lagi....
tapi segalanya blom terasa cukup....

apa gue terlalu berelebihan???

hari ini kelulusan,
SMAN 6 Palembang...
LULUS 100%..

that's sound good, right??
gue denger kabar ini di tempat les....
dari mizu yang seharusnya les di gedung sebelah...
ahahahhaahha ^^

smoga mimpi gue tercapai tahun ini....

gue ga menginginkan yang muluk-muluk...
senyum kebahagian di bibir nyokap+bokap
udah cukup mebayar semua perjuangan ini~


Chii meets Ohno again~
Senin, 08 Juni 2009 || 8:26:00 PM

hehehehe ^^

chinen ketemu ohno lagi...
dan untuk kali ini dia ga berbalik...
^^ pinternya chii... ^^

One afternoon, Chinen arrived at a place where it’ll become a special place with expression so complicated filled with joy and tension. Look as if he was restless the whole time even in the dressing room. 5 minutes later, Ohno kun entered the studio calmly. With the shy Senpai and overly excited kohai, these twos’ interview ended up so awkward that even the people watching them were brushing. Anyways, here’s the interview!

Ohno: We had a plan like this before but it’s our first time interviewing together.

Chinen: Yes, it was a separate interview the last time… (glancing at Ohno besides him) I’m very nervous right now. When I heard I was going to be interviewed with Ohno kun, I was surprised… I bragged about it to Yama chan (Yamada Ryosuke) and (Nakajima) Yuto kun at school today (laughs)

Ohno: It’s strange that there’s a kohai who thinks of me this way. What’s so good about me? (laughs)

Chinen: The gap between the usual (ohno) in variety shows and when you’re singing and dancing.

Ohno: Fufu (laughs) The first time we met was at a concert…. Was it Nagoya?

Chinen: Yes. That was when I was still living in Shizuoka and I went to Arashi’s concert in Nagoya with my mother. Before that, I happened to meet (Matsumoto) Jun kun and when I said “I’m going to your concert soon!” he invited me saying “then, come over to our dressing room”

Ohno: Ah~, it was like that!?

Chinen: I was very nervous then too (laughs)

Ohno: You left in between too, right?

Chinen: Left? Ah~, I was still living in Shizuoka…. I was only living in Tokyo during filming of “Hattori kun” (NINxNIN Ninja Hattori kun THE MOVIE) and I did some magazine shoots at that time. I went back to Shizuoka when the movie ended.

Ohno: I see. You only joined the agency not soon after, right?

Chinen: Yes, I was in 4th grade.

Ohno: I heard “Jr.’s Chinen kun is Ohno kun’s fan” from the make-up staff so, you were on my mind. I thought you quit when I didn’t see you for a while (laughs). When Hey!Say!JUMP came up…. I was surprised you were like a whole another person! (Places his hand about to his hip) I thought you were this small but you’ve gotten big (laughs).

Chinen: When I went to see Arashi’s “Time” tour…

Ohno: Ah, that’s right. We met in the hall way.

Chinen: You said “weren’t you this small” and I said “I’m not that small~”

Ohno: That’s it. How tall are you now?

Chinen: 156cm. My goal is 168cm, 1cm more than Ohno kun’s height (laughs)

Ohno: Make it 167cm, the same as me (laughs).

Chinen: Then, I’ll do that (laughs)

Ohno: I guess today is since then?

Chinen: We’ve (met) once in a while on music shows and countdowns.

Ohno: Oh yeah (laughs)

Chinen: I was waving to you the whole time during the countdown.

Ohno: Oh yeah, that’s right! You were watching from the sides because you couldn’t get on since it was late at night. I remember waving back when I saw you (laughs).

Chinen: (Smiles)

Ohno: I showed you this earlier but I have Chinen kun sticker on my cell phone (laughs) The duet ones.

Chinen: I heard that Ohno kun has it on from many people (laughs). It was even on a magazine and my mother who read that, informed me about it. I thought about getting a sticker of Ohno kun on my belongings too. Maybe I’ll go to school with Ohno kun’s uchiwa on my school bag (laughs).

Ohno: I don’t think you should (laughs).

Chinen: I saw the national DVD (ARASHI AROUND ASIA 2008 in TOKYO) the other day! I happened to be with the other members in a magazine shoot when I got my DVD and I felt someone was going to open it so I was protecting it for my dear life, not to let anyone touch it. I wasn’t able to go see the national tour.

Ohno: You didn’t!?

Chinen: I’ll definitely go this year!! Is there something on 10th anniversary? I think there’ll definitely be something.

Ohno: I don’t know either (laughs).

Chinen: (laughs). The first thing I thought watching the DVD was how amazed I was that you were able to gather that may people. Next was, how cool Ohno kun’s solo was of course!

Ohno: Eh!? What did I sing? (laughs)

Chinen: “Take me faraway”

Ohno: Oh yeah. Ballade one, right?

Chinen: The dance using the chair was really cool.

Ohno: Ah, that one! There were many people in national and I was embarrassed how close the audiences were.

Chinen: I feel nervous during concerts too.

Ohno: Do you like being in front of people?

Chinen: I do but… I’m don’t like talking in front of people. I’m fine with radio though. It’s when I’m being watched by many people…

Ohno: It’s awful (laughs). I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I felt I still don’t like it at national (laughs)

Chinen: I like “TOP SECRET (2004 “Iza, now” tour) the most. When I saw that in Nagoya, I was stunned! The dance was so cool. All the Jrs were all copying you.

Ohno: I can’t do that anymore though. I have zero physical strength (laughs). Did Chinen kun do any dancing or something?

Chinen: Jazz dance. I did jazz dancing in Shizuoka the whole time I disappeared (laughs)

Ohno: That explains it!

Chinen: I was looking forward to dancing in the back for Arashi when I was able to back dance for Senpai but hardly any opportunity came up… I still want to dance for Arashi’s back.

Ohno: Isn’t that impossible? You’re Hey!Say!JUMP now (laughs)

Chinen: I want to!! I might also be thinking about wanting to guest appear for “Arashi’s Shukudai kun” When I was doing the drama (Scrap Teacher)…. But, I couldn’t.

Ohno: (laughs)

Chinen: I was happy when Ninomiya kun or someone else said “Maybe there’s Hey!Say!JUMP inside” once during the opening when the guest is inside the box (laughs). I wish we were actually in the box…. But I want to be (dance) in the back the most!

Ohno: Like I said, it’s not possible.

Chinen: I want to dance Arashi’s song together.

Ohno: Is there a song you know the dance to?

Chinen: ( shakes his head)

Ohno: You don’t? (laughs) Wait, does that mean Hey!Say!JUMP will dance for Arashi’s back?

Chinen: Just me.

Ohno: …. There are 5 people from Arashi with one in the back? (laughs)

Chinen: I can fit in between Tatsumi (Yudai) kun or other M.A.D

Ohno: Ah~ that’s what you mean (laughs). You’re a high school now, right!? Are you going to school?

Chinen: Yes, I went today. I haven’t left early or came in late or missed a day yet since I entered high school.

Ohno: That’s amazing… I left high school after the 3rd day (laughs).

Chinen: (laughs).

Ohno: Does Chinen kun have a girlfriend?

Chinen: I don’t.

Ohno: Ah, I see (laughs). Then, do you want to go fishing with me someday? It’ll be sea fishing though.

Chinen: Yes!

Ohno: But I’m a little worried, the ocean is dangerous.

Chinen: I pretty confident that I’ll be pulled in by the fish (laughs). Maybe I’ll even fall into the ocean… I’ve never been on a boat before and I might become sea sick.

Ohno: If we were to go, we should go to a 4 hour one like I went with Sho kun. It’ll be great if you don’t get sea sick.

Chinen: What do you usually do besides fishing?

Ohno: I had 2~3 days off the other day and I couldn’t go fishing because my schedule didn’t fit with my fishing friends’. That’s why I made some figure after a long time. But I messed up and that made me feel like I never wanted to do it again (laughs). What do you usually play?

Chinen: I don’t go outside very much.

Ohno: Really!? I’m usually around somewhere close to Chinen kun’s house.

Chinen: My friend said they saw Ohno kun and Ninomiya kun in the neighborhood once (laughs).

Ohno: Eh? I never been there with Nino before…. I’m usually walking around alone. If were to go, I’ll take to you to my favorite general store. I can also deliver you some fish to your house (laughs)…. Chinen kun, looking at you this closely, your eyelashes are pretty long.

Chinen: I get that a lot (laughs)

Ohno: That’s what I’ve been thinking the whole time. The only thing I thought, interviewing with you.

Chinen: (laughs).

Ohno: Then, let’s ride on a boat at a near-by park!

Chinen: Ok!

Ohno: Just ride on the boat since it says No Fishing Allowed (laughs). A walk is good too!

Chinen: Got it! Thank you very much for today. As we talked like this, I was nervous this whoe time…. I wonder when I won’t be so nervous (laughs)

Ohno: Really, you don’t have to nervous anymore (laughs).

The nerve lacking-clam talk between Chinen, who was nervous from start to finish, and Ohno, who even had a time to study his eye lashes, has ended. They’ve made a promise to go out so…. Maybe you’ll see these two riding on a boat together in a park one day!?

>> ohh, chii...
I hope that will happen!! XP

Credits :
jump_daisuki from LJ


Yama-chan’s new Dorama 2009~!
|| 8:20:00 PM

gue tau udah telat...

sebenernya udah lama dapet kabar dari yassie...
tapi baru sekarang sempet nge-post....

here they are....

Yama-chan to co-star senpai, NEWS no Nishikido Ryo in:

~Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide~

ryo ga jadi masalah..
gue suka dia main film sedih...

apa kurang banyak kerjaan dia??
kasih inoo kek satu dorama....

bububuuuububu >0<

[credits to]
* YamadaDrama from YT
* kang-kazuya from LJ

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