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“in the middle of this track”
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Akame Witness 2003
Senin, 28 Juni 2010 || 10:29:00 AM

Akame Witness dari transletan Majalah-majalah tahun 2003



KAT-TUN ditanya soal hewan yang mengekspresikan member lain,,

Jin: "Kame is a penguin."

Pertanyaan selanjutnya,, kalo kamu buka pet shop hewan apa yang akan kamu jual?

Jin: "A penguin is not bad."



Jin diminta pendapatnya tentang Kame,,

Jin : "being able to straightforwardly say what’s in the heart is one of this guy’s qualities."


Potato (kalo ga salah)

Kame: "Being able to know Akanishi through this job is really great."

Jin: "Really? Yay! Thanks~!"



Jin :"Because Kame fell asleep first, I had no choice but to go to the bath house by myself. I wanted to go together with him, because the bath house was super dark and super scary!"

Kame: "But I was really sleepy!

(mandi bareng nih,, cuiiittt...cuiiitt)



Jin: "Kame gets along with everyone very well; he's someone who's afraid of loneliness and feels like he cannot do anything without someone!"

Kame: "I like Jin's face when he sings; his expression is very vivid, but please don’t suck your nose!"



'KAT-TUN’S 30 Mysteries'

Giliran Jin

Question: Is there something you want to ask a member?

Jin: "Kame, actually you like me, right?"

Kame replied, "Yes... But as a member!"

(FAKE ,, boong ah kame,, udah jujur aja *tuil-tuil tangan kame*)



Jin tentang Kame:

"At first, I thought he was modest, but after knowing him better, he's actually a baka!"

Akhir 2003

Potato (kalo gak salah)

Kame: "Jin, if you keep talking at night, we won’t be able to sleep again!"

Jin: "Obviously, you're actually very happy in your heart!"


Tanaka Koki used to be bullied in school
|| 9:14:00 AM


awalnya gue ga percaya masa iya, orang yang tampangnya kayak preman gthu pernah di bullied??
tapi setelah baca artikel dari Tokyohive gue baru percaya...

KAT-TUN member, Tanaka Koki confessed that he used to be bullied by classmates on their radio program “KAT-TUN style.” The two personalities from KAT-TUN on this day were Tanaka Koki and Taguchi Junnosuke.

On one of the corners of the radio show, “Majime ni Hanashima special“(Let’s have a serious conversation), KAT-TUN members provide advice to listeners. On this specific episode, an 8th grade girl wrote in a letter asking them for advice.

She wrote, “I have been bullied at school since I was in 6th grade. So, I’m scared to go to school. Please give me some advice and courage.”

Koki said right away, “I was bullied too when I was in elementary school. They hid my shoes, they put thumbtacks on my chair. Somebody even wrote “stupid” on somebody’s desk, and everyone pointed at me saying, ‘We think Tanaka did it.’”

Koki added, “There should be someone to help you, and if you keep facing it, you will see the light at the end. That’s what I did.”

Koki’s confession about his past astonished Junnosuke.

source: Tokyohive

my comment :
kasiaaann koki,, tapi ga papa bang sekarang abang udah keren!!
hidup abang koki,,,


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Mysterious beauty is Yamapi’s real sister
|| 9:03:00 AM

There is currently an election in Japan for House of councilors, and one girl has become a hot topic because of her beauty.


The girl is currently working alongside politicians as a staff member, and she has been grabbing everyone’s attention. Now, it makes sense – she is Yamashita Tomohisa’s sister.

Yamashita Rina(Yamapi’s sister) used to be a gravia idol during her college years, but she became a secretary for Hatoyama Kunio(brother of former prime minister of Japan) after graduating from college.

According to Sponichi Annex, her smile looks like Yamapi’s.

source: http://www.tokyohive.com/general/mysterious-beauty-is-yamapis-real-sister/

my comment :

well, gue tau kalo pi punya ade cewek namanya rina,,
tapi gue ga tau kalo ternyata adeknya pinter.....
gile selesai kuliah langsung jadi sekertaris ade eks-pm jepang,,
boleh juga ,, waaawww~


Momusu bitter comment for MatsuJun
Rabu, 23 Juni 2010 || 9:58:00 PM

A member of Morning Musume, Michishige Sayumi appeared on the “Mannequin Five” corner of Arashi’s variety show on June 17th.

Mannequin Five is a part of “Himitsu No Arashi-chan,” in which the guests give comments on Arashi members’ fashion.

The theme for the recent episode was flower print fashion, and Sayumi gave bitter comments to the members.

“I don’t like your pose, especially when you put your hand in your pocket and try to look cool,” and “That is okay, but you look tired.”

When Matsumoto Jun came out, Sayumi’s comments got even harsher.

“You have very gaudy face, and this flower cloth makes you even more flamboyant. You don’t know yourself well. Moreover, it’s just too much.”

In the end, Sayumi picked Matsujun as “NO WAY” fashion.

After the bitter comments, Matsujun screamed “This is not about the face!!!” with a bitter smile.

When this show was over, Sayumi received over 5,000 comments on her blog, and some of the comments were a little harsh.

“Who do you think you are?“, “You know nothing about fashion“, “I felt bad for Matsujun“, and so on.

Although Sayumi is known for her bluntness, her comments made some Arashi fans quite upset.

source: http://www.tokyohive.com/featured/michishige-sayumimorning-musume-gives-bitter-comments-about-matsujuns-fashion/

my comment : wakakakakakakakakkak XD


My Fangirl-ing activity now...
Minggu, 20 Juni 2010 || 8:49:00 AM

well, ini tentang kegiatan ber-fangirl-ing-an gue sekarang...
udah hampir 2 bulang gue off dari semua hal yang berbau jojonisan...
bukan bosen atau apa...
tapi karna ga ada waktu sedikit-pun...
jangankan online di forum-forum laen....
di lets jump aja gue harus hiatus, hikkzzzz T.T
bener-bener nyita waktu,,
bahkan buat ngelakuin hobby pervert gue aka baca penpic yaoi terhambat...
ketinggalan banyak penpic akame, tegopi, hikanoo plus maruda....

yahh,, untung aja sekarang udah mulai libur,,,
bakal gue abisin deh tuh penpic-penpic
khuukhukhukhukuhu XD
*evil grins*